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Application Process

We will be by your side during the application process.

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Powerful Features

Save time and money using SlickCentral software to integrate with Jet Marketplace.


Product Listing

Create, edit and upload your products to Jet one by one or in bulk.


Import your products from Amazon or Shopify. Fulfill your orders using Shopify, ShipStation or FBA.

Bulk CSV Upload

Upload your products information, prices and Inventory to Jet using one simple CSV file format.

Order Management

Ability to acknowledge, ship, cancel or refund your orders through SlickCentral.

We use SlickCentral for both and and couldn't be happier. This service is the easiest one to use that we've found and does the job well.

The team provides us with superior customer service and care as no issue remains unsolved. Most certainly thumbs up. Highly recommended!

Aside from the great product, their service and support are second to none. They are fast, friendly and reliable...something hard to find with many companies today.