Should you sell on

For the uninitiated, is an emerging e-commerce portal that offers a wide range of products and tops it up with a unique bouquet of services. Are you wondering why you should sell on Jet when there are hosts of other e-commerce sellers such as Amazon, eBay, etc. are available?

Here are some of the reasons to sell on

Higher Margins has a dynamic pricing engine based on the customer orders. The system determines the prices by the group of products customer order. Customers can purchase products of similar nature at a lower rate. It is because these goods can be shipped together which results in a reduced cost of shipment. The low cost of order processing and delivery results in more revenue and higher profits for vendors. Thus, this feature enhances the value for both the customers as well as the sellers by reducing the shipping costs. None of the top e-commerce portals such as Amazon or eBay offer such features. Take advantage of this awesome feature to increase your profits.


Sell on Jet & access a large customer base offers every seller a base of millions of customers who get the best deals on their products right from the daily essentials to more expensive items. Since the customer offerings by are truly the best, the loyalty of the customers is also high as they wouldn’t scout other websites for better deals. It makes them loyal to and increases the possibility of repeat purchases.


Fair Competition does not indulge in unfair practices. On Amazon or eBay, the higher fee paying sellers get the preference. However, gives preferences to those vendors who offer the highest value to the customers. Hence, there are no unfair practices, and only the most efficient vendors get the opportunity to sell on Jet and expand their business.



One of the main advantages of selling or buying on is the high level of transparency. All the prices, discounts, costs, and charges are clearly mentioned on the website. Also, the ways to get the best deals are also specified. It increases the trust level among the customers who would then tend to buy more from Therefore, it also works wonder for the sellers.