How do Jet marketplace prices work?

The growing marketplace, Jet, works differently from other marketplaces regarding product prices. With other marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay and even Walmart (who acquired Jet for $3B), ThirdParty marketplace sellers set their own prices which are displayed directly to customers. Jet, however, does not always show seller prices directly to customers. Using several metrics, Jet themselves determine the price of the product, especially if there is more than one seller for the product. For better user experience, Jet does not show seller information.

If you are the only seller of the products, Jet almost always sets your price as the Jet marketplace price for your products. However, if you sell a popular product that is sold by several other sellers, then you would need to determine how you could easily analyze Jet marketplace prices for your products and adjust your pricing using that information. Official Jet integration partners that provide this information in an easy to recognize and easy to update manner would greatly save your business time and money.

Using SlickCentral to analyze Jet Marketplace prices

SlickCentral, being one of those official partners, helps you acquire this information in the manner described below:

  1. You can easily compare your prices with Jet marketplace prices. If your prices are equal to or lower than Jet marketplace prices, SlickCentral colors them green. If your prices are higher than Jet marketplace prices, SlickCentral colors them red. For better sales, sellers should lower the red prices to Jet marketplace prices or lower.
  2. For each product, SlickCentral shows Jet’s base price and shipping price for your products. You can compare this with your base price and shipping price.
  3. You can see that sales rank of your products. This compares your product with other products in the Jet marketplace.
  4. For each of your product, SlickCentral lets you know how many Jet sold in the last 30 days and how much of those orders you won.

jet marketplace prices and sales data

Every 24 hours, SlickCentral updates this information.