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Should you sell on

For the uninitiated, is an emerging e-commerce portal that offers a wide range of products and tops it up with a unique bouquet of services. Are you wondering why you should sell on Jet when there are hosts of other e-commerce sellers such as Amazon, eBay, etc. are available? Here are some of the…

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Walmart Investment Arm to Empower Jet Stock

Jet Stock has maintained a steady pace since its acquirement by Walmart last year. Just when we thought was the end of the story, turns out it was just the start of retail corporate’s ambitions take on Amazon in the online sales. Walmart’s acquisition of for $3.3 billion surely caught the fancy of…

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How do Jet marketplace prices work?

The growing marketplace, Jet, works differently from other marketplaces regarding product prices. With other marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay and even Walmart (who acquired Jet for $3B), ThirdParty marketplace sellers set their own prices which are displayed directly to customers. Jet, however, does not always show seller prices directly to customers. Using several metrics, Jet…

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