Marketplace API Integration, Simplified

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Powerful yet simple

SlickCentral is a software platform allowing retailers & brands to seamlessly integrate with Jet and Walmart marketplace.

Product Listing

Create, edit and upload your products to Jet and Walmart.

Image Hosting

Don’t have links to your product images? We will host your images for you. Simply upload them from your computer.

Order Management

We will automatically acknowledge your orders based on your inventory levels and send you an email notification so that you can fulfill it. You can easily provide shipment information to Jet and Walmart through us.

Advanced Features

Bulk CSV Import

Import SKUs, Variations & Inventory using CSV file

Fulfillment Support (coming soon)

Ability to print labels from USPS, UPS, FedEx, DHL and more.

Multi-Channel Inventory Management (coming soon)

Make SlickCentral your central inventory hub. We will sync your inventory with Amazon, eBay, Jet, Walmart, and Shopify.






Sync your inventory directly from Amazon.  Fulfill your Jet orders automatically using FBA.


Import your products from Shopify. Process your orders using Shopify Shipping and automatically provide shipping information to Jet and Walmart.


Send and fulfill all your Jet and Walmart orders with ShipStation. Automatically notify Jet and Walmart when orders are fulfilled through ShipStation.

What our customers say

We use SlickCentral for both and and couldn't be happier. This service is the easiest one to use that we've found and does the job well.
SimuLinenSatisfied Customer
The team provides us with superior customer service and care as no issue remains unsolved. Most certainly thumbs up. Highly recommended!
GlitzGlamSatisfied Customer
Aside from the great product, their service and support are second to none. They are fast, friendly and reliable...something hard to find with many companies today.
CookieCutter.comSatisfied Customer


Your data is important to us. We use industry standard security protocols to secure your data.

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